The British BrainWorking Research Society
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What we do

The Society will coordinate the efforts of our members into various research projects, including:

  • The permanent and speedy resolution of all forms of psychological distress
  • Psychological aspects of physiological illness
  • Effective psychological help with the ageing brain
  • Providing effective emotional help for those with learning difficulties
  • Working with people suffering dementia
  • The links between Autoimmune disease and depression

The Society also strives to ensure the quality of therapy provided by our registered practitioners and we do this in several ways:

  • Insist on continual professional development via online and classroom-based continuation training
  • Provide free regular updates and revisions to all registered members
  • Conduct or accredit workshops and live training sessions
  • Ensure that all registered practitioners are fully conversant with the notion of working with neuroscience-based therapies as opposed to solely 'the subconscious mind'

While the Society itself does not provide training, it does accredit trainers and schools who are properly qualified to deliver suitable courses and classes. All individuals and schools so accredited have been selected after illustrating their level of skill and commitment to developing this latest style of psychotherapy.

Although the Society primarily registers and accredits those who have completed the BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® training (trainers will have completed all levels of the therapy) it's possible that some other therapies may be suitable for registration and/or accreditation. There is more information about this under the 'Join us' and 'Trainers' link.

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