The British BrainWorking Research Society
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The Inception

The idea for The Society arrived in August 2016 with the speculation that the then Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy could be renamed as a Society in order to expand the research possibilities.

There followed a considerable amount of discussion with Companies House, in the UK, as to whether or not it was permissible. The legal requirements are that:

  • It must be a not for profit organisation
  • Each member must be allowed a vote on the society proceedings
  • It must be preeminent in its field
  • There must be no comparable society
  • There must be support from independent official bodies

The Lincolnshire and Grantham NHS Trust were already involved in clinical trials and had recently persuaded Lincoln University to get involved with research. They were happy to provide a letter of support and a further letter confirming their ongoing commitment to research and feedback into Level 3 of the major methodology of the Society.

We also had support from a major Hypnotherapy Organisation, the British National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists, the chair of which stated categorically that the BWRT® process was unique and preeminent and since it was British this should be made clear.

After much discussion it was agreed that the Institute could be renamed as requested and from the launch of the Society, all BWRT® training would be conducted from ‘The Academy of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy’ in much the same way as before, although it would not longer hold a public register of members nor would it issue a ‘certified practitioner’ seal.

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