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Becoming a member
To become a full member of The Society, you must have trained in at least Level 1 BWRT® or another comparable neuroscience-based therapy model.
If you do not fulfil that requirement but are professionally qualified in a branch of psychology, interested in neuroscience-based therapies and associated research, then you may be able to join us as an 'Associate Member' - contact us for more details.
If you are already qualified in BWRT® and wish to join us, complete our online application form, make your online payment and we will contact you soon.
Annual Subscription is £100.00, due on or before January 31, but if joining in:
April - June: £75.00 for the remainder of the year.
July - September: £50.00 the remainder of the year.
October - December: £25.00 for the remainder of the year.
Once accepted, your certification will be posted to you and you will receive the electronic certificate and practitioner’s logo via email.

To view our membership criteria, you can download our abridged Membership Criteria file here.

Please note: These benefits may only apply in full to BWRT® Members.

The benefits of membership of The Society include:

  • Access to all updates and new protocols at the BWRT® Academy site
  • Regular updates on the progress of The Society’s research programme
  • Ability to study Level 2 and 3 of BWRT®
  • Entry on the only BWRT® search database in the world
  • License to display the ‘BBRS Registered Member' seal
  • License to state ‘Member of The British Brainworking Research Society’ on promotional material
  • The ethical right to state that you are involved in the research programme

The above will give your clients more confidence in your abilities and imbues you with a greater level of credibility in the therapy profession, both with clients and among other professionals

What we require from you
The Society requires you to:

  • Maintain your annual CPD requirements via regular Mentoring sessions. These will be a minimum of 3 online sessions and 3 individual sessions with a Mentor that can be face-to-face or via Skype or a similar online medium. While the online sessions are free, included as part of your membership, you will pay your Mentor for the individual sessions. Each session must be in one of the three Mentoring periods: February – May; June – September; October – January. You may have further mentoring sessions if you wish, availability permitting. Attendance at any workshop organised by a Mentor, or attendance at the Annual Congress will count as one session of CPD.
  • Download and print your dated ‘Member in Good Standing’ certificate annually and display it close to your Membership certificate
  • Abide by the code of ethics of The Society at all times
  • Pay your annual subscription on or before the due date of January 31
  • Maintain both your public and Member profile with current details as far as address, telephone and email are concerned
  • Seek assistance from a Mentor at any time you are uncertain of how to proceed with any particular client

Membership grades

Membership assumes that Level One training has been completed and a professional assessment passed. The grades are as follows:

  • Associate Member 
  • Practitioner Member
  • Advanced Member
  • Accredited Member

There is also a Fellow grade which cannot be applied for and is awarded only to those who have provided exemplary service to The Society.

The grade you will be offered initially will depend on several factors, all of which are clearly explained in the downloadable information file.

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