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First Cohort Completion of Studies

May 28, 2017

This day saw the completion of the first cohort's research training, which was generally well-received, though it was agreed that the course was complex than many had thought it would be at the beginining.

That said. many maintained high enthusiasm throughout and those who 'survived' now need to complete two full case studies (they are rather lengthy and complete, hence the low number) working with physiological conditions, as well as present their outline thesis on the subject.

The first one to complete was ready to go at the end of the course and achieved their certification at BWRT Level 3 in Psychophysiology within days of the coruse end, not only submitting two excellent case studies but also two new protocols for working with small bowel issues. These new protocols will become part of the BWRT research material in due course, available to new students.

Some excellent work has been done by this cohort of students, proving that 'Level Three' more than lives up to its expectations wiht its ability to rapidly diminish discomfort in many situations.

The next cohort of research students commence their work on July 9 , 2017, and it is anticipated that the Level Three BWRT course will be made available to students in 2018 - they must have completed Level 2 training first, as well as the 'BroadBand for the Brain' course, which was the forerunner of BWRT Level 3.

More news later.


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