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Research Projects

Research Projects

Our 'Projects' page lists on-going research and the current status. If you would like to suggest research in any area of mental health, please do let us know - all possibilities will be considered.

Find a Therapist

Find a Therapist

All the practitioners listed in our database have completed thorough training and their professional expertise has been assessed by one-to-one live examination by one of our Mentors


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If you have completed at least the first level of BWRT® or a similar training and you are a psychologist, counsellor or other therapist working with emotional health, find out how to join us


As from January 1 2019, we are making small research grants available to those who would like to develop a neuroscience-based project. You can download the application form here.

Our Mission Statement We will promote and research neuroscience-based therapies to establish a firm base of scientific evidence.

The Society is committed to further research into the neuroscience-based therapies for the speedy and effective resolution of psychological and emotional distress. Although it is not mandatory for members of the society to be involved in the research, all are encouraged to be so and to contribute to our efforts in providing speedy and therefore cost-effective care for a great many psychological conditions.

At 2017, the primary neuroscience-based therapy in use by members is BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®) and all members have received a thorough training in this process. In addition, they will have undergone formal training in more traditional styles of therapy before studying the BWRT® model.

Only members of this society can refer to themselves as a 'Registered BrainWorking Professional' and will be able to display their British BrainWorking Research Society certification.

Questions?  Call us at 0800 228 9186, email us at or use our contact form

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