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As at 2017, The Society is the only registering and accrediting body in existence solely for the newer style of fast acting therapies based on neuroscience. It was founded by the creator of BWRT® in order to further refine research and is managed by a dedicated group of professional therapists who work voluntarily in order to maintain a high standard of professionalism among the society members.

There are other societies and associations for therapists in various different disciplines such as Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy – and each of those disciplines has several different subsets of the work. As a result, it can be quite difficult to make an informed decision as to which therapy to seek.

Neuroscience-based therapies work in an entirely different manner, working directly on the patterns of life that your brain responds to, rather than seeking to approach the ‘subconscious’ though the conscious thought process as many other therapy models do.

The major advantages of this style of therapy are:

  • Usually fewer sessions
  • No hypnosis or unscientific methods
  • Content free - no need to divulge 'secrets'
  • No physical touching (no tapping or stroking)
  • Covers a huge range of issues

One of the major players in this field is BWRT® and one of the most exciting things about it became obvious soon after the early stages of the first testing process in 2013 – it has a very broad base, a solid structure, and doesn’t actually need subsets to work with different issues. It's just one style of work, though always tailored to the individual requirements of the client.

The Society ensures that all Practitioners keep up their Continual Professional Development to ensure the highest standard of care for you.

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